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Police and Prison Guards on Strike in Rio de Janeiro Over Non-Pay

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Officers of the policiais civis (civil police) force in Rio de Janeiro  state have announced a 72-hour walkout    until the full payment of December wages, Christmas  bonus and other benefits are paid to both police in the force and retirees. The  announcement  comes on the day that the Penitentiary Workers Union (SindiSistema) also announced a one-  week strike for the payment  of back wages.


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Of legumes and liberalisation

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  FEW Brazilians get through a day without eating beans. They gobble up 3.4m tonnes a year, a ladle a day for each person. So when prices     rise, as they did by a fifth recently after bad weather damaged the domestic harvest, they gripe. On June 24th the government suspended   its 10% tariff on imports. Blairo Maggi, the agriculture minister, hopes that Chinese and Mexican farmers will fill the leguminous gap.



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ANP Says Brazil Pre-Salt Production Increases Six Percent

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 The ANP reports that the production of oil and gas in the pre-salt fields recorded an increase of six percent in February.


 By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter


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