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Brazil's recession deepens in third quarter

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  Brazil's economy shrank by 1.7% in the third quarter of the year compared with the second quarter, deepening the  country's worst recession in 25 years 



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Brazil Fuel Price Hikes Likely to Pressure Inflation

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SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL This week the government announced it had authorized the increase of gasoline and diesel fuel prices at Petrobras’ refineries. The price increase will vary from four percent for diesel to six percent for gasoline. The increase in fuel prices, say analysts, is likely to put more burden on an already pressured inflation.


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Dilma in the vortex

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JUST as animals can smell fear in humans, financial markets pounce when they sniff government paralysis and division. So it was with Brazil in late September. In a fortnight the real plunged from 3.8 to the dollar to 4.2. Only when the Central Bank stepped in, offering dollars, was a semblance of calm restored. The immediate reason for the mayhem was the decision last month by Standard & Poor’s, a rating agency, to downgrade Brazil’s credit rating from investment grade to junk. That in turn was the inevitable result of the government’s fiscal adjustment coming apart at the seams.


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