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Finding the Best Bahian-Style Moqueca in Rio de Janeiro

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – As the days get shorter and the nights slightly cooler in tropical  Rio, many are drawn to heartier foods that simmer on the stove for hours warming the bones.  The moqueca baiana, or Bahian-style moqueca, is a classic option and finding the best in Rio  is a worthwhile endeavor.

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Translation platforms cannot replace humans

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ARAB newspapers have a reputation, partly deserved, for tamely taking the official line. On any given day, for example, you might read that “a source close to the Iranian Foreign Ministry told Al-Hayat that ‘Tehran will continue to abide by the terms of the nuclear agreement as long as the other side does the same.’” But the exceptional thing about this unexceptional story is that, thanks to Google, English-speaking readers can now read this in the Arab papers themselves.


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Campos do Jordão Draws Partygoers and Adventurists

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SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – About two and a half hours driving northeast from the largest city in South America, São Paulo, lies Campos do Jordão, a favorite spot for Brazilians to spend weekends during the winter months.


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